The March Madness Mindset

Jumbotron screening showing NCAA March Madness logo containing a tournament bracket

It’s that time of the year! This week, men’s and women’s college basketball teams all over the country are playing in conference tournaments for a chance to punch their ticket to the “Big Dance.” On Sunday, March 12th the official 68 team brackets will be revealed. So what’s the big deal? Why does March Madness hold such a special place in so many sports fans’ minds? Discover what makes up the March Madness Mindset below. 

Cinderella Stories 

Arguably the most interesting part of the NCAA tournament is that even the smallest schools you may have never heard of have the chance to make some noise. Everyone loves a Cinderella story, and every March there’s always bound to be at least one. A school that got hot at the right time, won their conference tournament and put together all the right pieces goes on to upset a top seed or favorite to win the whole thing. Everyone has the opportunity to be great. 

Survive and Advance

Something a lot of these Cinderella teams have in common is that they approach the tournament one game at a time. Once the bracket is set, every team is in the same position. Truthfully, nobody has the upper hand. Either you win and move on. Or you lose and your season is over. The biggest game is always the one they’re currently playing. There’s no saving players, leaving gas in the tank, or planning for the future. The athletes and coaches are always leaving everything they have on the court. 


The next great thing about the NCAA tournament is the way that it can bring people together. Even people who may have never watched a full basketball game in their life start to pay attention. The physical bracket we get to fill out provides a fun way for people to compete and connect with friends and family. Sometimes, the biggest basketball gurus’ brackets get busted in the first round, and your little sibling who picked all the teams based on which team has the better colors does better than you – and that’s the beauty of the bracket! 


Finally, the thing that truly makes March Madness special is the greatness we get to witness. These athletes have been practicing day in and day out for these big moments and it shows. The clutch free throws down the stretch, the last second 3 pointer, and the big time steal to secure the win. You know they have practiced these skills, plays, and shots for months. They have missed shots, made the wrong pass, and gotten into foul trouble along the way. The coaches of these teams too, have been planning for these moments and working towards them for multiple seasons. There’s something about watching people learn from their mistakes and be rewarded for their hard work and perseverance that is so motivating. 

So what can we learn from the March Madness Mindset? Everyone has the opportunity to be great. Do life one step at a time. Take time to connect with the people in your life that you care about. Learn from your mistakes, continue working hard, and success will come.

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Jumbotron screening showing NCAA March Madness logo containing a tournament bracket

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