New Year Resolutions and Intentions

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New Year Resolutions and Intentions

We are a week into the new year and it is common for us to want to make changes. However, resolutions sometimes are too specific for people or don’t match quite what we want to do with this year. When that happens, setting intentions for the year can be a great solution. In this week’s blog (and podcast), we explore making resolutions, setting intentions, and how it relates to your mindset and mental training.


Resolutions are goals/decisions you make to start or stop doing something. We are all tempted to make resolutions at the New Year because it is tradition. However, when we don’t actually spend time or put in effort into our resolutions, we often don’t meet them. Therefore, making resolutions following the goal-setting steps can help to a resolution into a reality. An example of a resolution is “I’m going to make the travel basketball team this summer.”


Intentions, unlike resolutions, tend to be more broad and more to do with emotional and mental changes. Setting intentions can be a great thing for the New Year when you don’t have a specific change or goal in mind.  An example of an intention is “I’m going to continue to build and rebuild my friendships this year.”

Mental Training for Resolutions and Intentions

Both resolutions and intentions are all about making habits. Both mental training and life coaching can be helpful in turning the resolution or intention into a life habit. Mental training can help you identify the why behind them, learn about possible obstacles, and develop mental strength in overcoming obstacles and sticking to the habit. Furthermore, mental training focuses on growth mindset to allow for the change in your life. Moreover, resolutions and intentions need to be checked in on and mental training sessions create a continuous opportunity to have someone to discuss your progress with.

If you haven’t set a resolution or intention yet, that is okay! Take a few moments to set one now or set up your free first mental training session and have support on your way to set some!

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