The Mindset Surrounding Breaks

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The Mindset Surrounding Breaks

In our society, we often feel like we have to earn a break or that we don’t deserve them. However, this is not only detrimental to our society but to our brains and bodies. When we don’t take breaks or give time to reset and recharge, we can become burnt out. Moreover, breaks give us a chance to reconnect with ourselves and how we are feeling. If we can change the mindset around not having to earn a break but just taking them every day, we will see a difference in our individual and our society’s body, mind, and spirit.

Types of Breaks

Sometimes when we think about breaks, we think about having to take an hour off or a whole day off. Those types of breaks are needed but you can also take much shorter breaks and still get an impact. Here are four types of breaks that can be used whether you have a short period of time built in or ready to take a longer break.

  • Quick 5-15 Minute Vacays: use these breaks to get your basic needs met or to just rest enough to be able to refocus.
  • 15-30 Minute Resets: use these breaks to check in with yourself, how you are feeling, and what you need.
  • 30+ Breaks: use these breaks fully reset your mind and create more space in your mindset to be able to focus on your priorities.
  • A Day Off: use these breaks or even longer vacations to give your body, mind, and spirit a chance to reset, recharge, and not have to focus on any of your priorities for a bit.

How They Help Your Mindset

Breaks help our mindset because they give space for us to recharge and for our brains to rest for a bit. Furthermore, taking breaks will help you avoid burnout and stay in your top form. Sometimes it feels “wrong” or counterproductive to take a break when you are trying to work on a skill or learn something new, but taking breaks allow your brain to focus on what you need to and build the neural pathways required for learning a new skill.

Mental Training and Breaks

Mental training can help change the mindset you have around breaks. You can learn to take breaks, learn that you don’t have to earn breaks, and how to incorporate breaks in everyday. Furthermore, mental training will teach you how to use even a five-minute break to your advantage.

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