The Strengths of Refocusing

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Refocusing from Distractions

Throughout the day, our minds wander off of the tasks we are doing. Even during practices and competitions, it is difficult to be 100% focused 100% of the time. We may be thinking about classes, our upcoming game, an argument you just had, or whatever else when we are supposed to be focused on something else. This is okay, distractions happen BUT refocusing on the task at hand is essential to improvement and minimizing mistakes. Here are three steps to refocus.

Step One: Recognizing When You Need to Refocus

Recognize when you are out of focus. Some moments are a lot easier to realize when you are out of focus than others but either way start recognizing it and calling yourself out (whether that is internally (in your head) or externally (out loud)). Also, take note when it is happening. Is there something in your environment specifically distracting you or is it just a general lack of focus? If there is a specific thing distracting you? Then try to cut that out or at least minimize your interaction with it to help keep you focused and know when you need to refocus.

Step Two: Ways to Refocus

Create 2 to 3 go-to ways to bring yourself into focus. Maybe you need to say something to yourself (out loud or just in your head), maybe it is an action like clapping, snapping, standing up, jumping, or any other action (can be big or small), or whatever else may work for you. One example to help you maintain your focus is to journal. Practice, practice, practice using them so it becomes easier to use them and easier to refocus.

Step Three: Allow Yourself to Take Breaks

Your brain and body need breaks in order to stay focused when needed. So take water breaks, bathroom breaks, and mental breaks in order to let your body and mind recharge. These breaks can be a good moment to practice various breathing techniques. These breaks can be from 20s to longer but either way you need them!

Mental Training to Learn Refocusing

If you are having difficulty refocusing or knowing what helps you refocus, set up a mental training session to learn what works for you.

Content Created by Kathryn Colby, M.Ed.

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