Moving Forward from the Good and the Bad

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Moving Forward from the Good and Bad

Whether something good or something bad is happening, we have to have the skills to accept it and then move forward. With the good, the bad, and everything in between, you need to take some time to process the moment and then figure out what you can take from it and what you are leaving behind to be able to grow and move forward.

Find the Good in the Bad

An important step in being able to move forward from something bad is to find something good in it. The good you find can be as simple as “I made it through the bad, so I can move forward.” Or the good you find could be about a lesson you learned, something positive that happened even in a loss, or a connection you made due to the bad. Furthermore, finding the good in the bad allows you to move forward without guilt and without regret. This means you don’t get stuck in the past or stuck in the mistakes you made.

Accept the Bad in the Good

Accepting the bad in the good could seem like a negative mindset. However, it is not about searching out the bad but knowing that perfection is not achievable. Therefore, when you aren’t perfect, when a mistake arises, or something else “bad” happens, you don’t only think about that but rather the rest of the good.

Mental Training and Moving Forward

Mental training is a great way to learn how to accept the mistakes and “bad” or learn how to find the good in the bad and move forward. Moreover, mental training helps to shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, so it is more about learning and improving instead of sitting in the mistakes and past.

If you struggle with moving forward, finding the good, or accepting the bad, set up your free first mindset session now.

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