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The March Madness Mindset

Jumbotron screening showing NCAA March Madness logo containing a tournament bracket

It’s that time of the year! This week, men’s and women’s college basketball teams all over the country are playing in conference tournaments for a chance to punch their ticket to the “Big Dance.” On Sunday, March 12th the official 68 team brackets will be revealed. So what’s the big deal? Why does March Madness […]

When Enough is Enough

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When Enough is Enough We all hit are point when we need a break, when we need to lower the number of responsibilities, or when we decide we no longer want to do something. This is okay! Knowing your limit and knowing when something isn’t for you is a good thing to admit. You don’t […]

Motivation: What Motivates You?

a sign on a desk that says 'you got this' sitting behind a laptop

Motivation Motivation is the desire to act in service of a goal (Psychology Today). Motivation is what gets you out of bed, what gets you to put in effort towards a goal, and to try new things. However, how do you know what motivates you? There are two main types of motivation: internal and external. […]

Progress, Perfection, and Mental Training

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Progress, Perfection, and Mental Training Progress is “forward or onward movement” (Oxford Dictionary). Perfection is the “condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects” (Oxford Dictionary). Progress and perfection are two topics often discussed in sports (and life). We all are striving for perfection but perfection […]