Self Talk: It’s the Most Important Voice

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What is Self Talk?

Self talk is what you say to yourself and can also be known as your inner voice. That voice in your head can strengthen your confidence but it can also be an obstacle. It is important to know the different types and what works best for you.

Types of Self Talk

There are three types of self talk. It is vital to know the differences, what you currently use, and what actually works for you. Therefore, there is a description for each type of self-care below.

diagram comparing the three types of self talkPositive

Positive self talk is about focusing only on the positives and what is going right. This type of self talk often ignores any negativities or mistakes and inflates your own skills. Moreover, this type of self talk is often rooted in “I cans” and “I got this.” However, this type of self talk isn’t always the best because if you ignore the mistakes, you cannot learn from them.


Negative self talk is about focusing only on the negatives and what is going wrong. This type of self talk will often minimize your own abilities and how you can overcome obstacles. Furthermore, this type of self talk rarely works but for a select few it will motivate them.


Constructive self talk is a balance between positive and negative. This type of self talk is about admitting your mistakes or when something is going wrong but being able to learn from them and keep pushing. Moreover, constructive self talk is often full of neutral statements and based in the reality of the situation.

Examples of Self Talk

  • Positive. “I can take the ball to the hole myself and will make the shot every time.”
  • Negative. “We are down 2-0 already and we won’t win unless we play better.”
  • Constructive. “I am struggling today with mistakes but if I keep working I can overcome them and tomorrow is a new day.”

What Self Talk Works Best for You?

Now that you know there are different types of self talk, it is time to figure out what works best for you. Honestly, the best for everyone is to have a mixture but the mixture is what is unique. For some people, having more positive or more negative or more constructive is important. Are you someone that gets fueled by criticism? Are you someone who needs to look on the bright side? Or are you someone that needs to be rooted in reality and having a balance?

Self Talk Conclusion

Answering these questions will allow you to develop the mixture that works at improving your performance instead of hindering it. In conclusion, take time or sign up for mental training sessions to build an understanding of yourself and the self talk that works for you.

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